Premium Supplies for Your Airbnb


What is Host Angel?

Host Angel is a hotel premium rented linen targeted at the Dublin Airbnb & short-term property management space. Host Angel offers efficiencies and cost savings through a fully outsourced solution, allowing hosts to focus on the more strategic areas of their business, whilst improving the overall guest experience. Just share your schedule, share your keys and we will do the rest. Its simple.

See Host Angel In Action

Watch this short explainer video, to see how Host Angel can help your AirBnB business grow.

How it works

Share Your Calendar

Host Angel offers a fully outsourced solution. Share your calendar and your keys and we do the rest.

We Deliver

Because we manage your schedule, we deliver when it makes sense to deliver, mainly between check-in and check-out times 7 days a week 364 days a year.

Happy Guest, Happy Host

Host Angel ticks all the important boxes, increased guest satisfaction and a more productive less stressed host!

Bill Pay Account

This is ideal for anyone with a serious hosting strategy. We know from experience that one of the most frustrating aspects of turning over a property is providing premium and crisp linen. Bill pay allows you to outsource all of this pain in a simple and cost effective way.

Pre Pay Account

Pre Pay option allows you to pay up front for your linen. We guarantee delivery within a two hour window anywhere within the city centre. Ideal for hosts with a short-term hosting strategy

Full Turnaround

The full turnaround option combines rented linen with a premium cleaning service. It is designed for hosts that want to self-handle guest communication and checkins but want to outsource everything else. This is known as the ‘Hybrid model’. It allows hosts to maintain more control of their rental yield whilst saving up to 50% on management fees. Call us today: 01 556 3223

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