Host Angel is the only company in Ireland providing rented linen to the Airbnb & Short-term accommodation space at an affordable price. We manage the entire process for our clients making it a completely outsourced solution.

HostAngel affords you the opportunity to outsource all of your linen requirements. We guarantee to save you both time and money.

  1. With our Bill Pay option, we take your schedule via iCal (online calendar) and a set of keys for each apartment and manage everything from there. Deliveries/collections are made between check-in and check-out times.
  2. With our Prepay we guarantee a two hour delivery window and coordinate via mobile with your cleaner

The most cost and time effective option is Bill Pay – all of your linen requirements can be 100% outsourced, freeing up valuable time to grow your business and enhance the guest experience.

With Bill Pay we bill you at the end of each week. Clients have 5 working days to pay their bills. As we build our relationships we can look to extend the billing period to bi-weekly or even monthly.

As our schedule is your schedule, our drivers meet your cleaners after check out and before check in. We’re fully aware of the need for seamless arrival as your
reputation is our reputation.

When you sign up with Host Angel we arrange for one of our drivers to collect the keys from wherever is convenient for you. Some of our clients use the lockbox system and provide us with access codes and access instructions. Our drivers are five year Garda vetted.

As we can never really know what happens during a guests stay and given the need for a quick turnaround, all linen supplied is billable.

We are 30% cheaper than a traditional laundrette if we compare cost per bed for an ironed linen service. On top of this we offer a full management service, which no other company offers.

Host Angel recommends a spare set of linen per bed to be kept on your premises at all times. However, in the event of you running short, don’t worry, our drivers are in the area and stocked with extras should this unlikely event happen. A quick call to the hotline and your rescue package is on the way.

With Bill Pay no coordination is required as we have access to the apartment and access to your schedule. With Pre Pay we guarantee a two hour delivery window and coordinate with your cleaner by mobile.

We deliver 364 days of the year 7 days a week.

Our current catchment area is between the North and South circular roads in Dublin, Ireland. However, if you are on the outskirts of this area, send us an email and we’ll try offer you service.

No, we have a fixed charge per bed set regardless of the delivery/collection day.

With Bill Pay you don’t have to give us any notice as we are monitoring the bookings as they come in and arrange our delivery schedule accordingly

Minimum order amount is €20

  1. With Bill Pay we work independently of the cleaners.There will always be a buffer set of linen so the cleaner never needs to wait for a delivery.
  2. With Pre Pay, If the cleaner is delayed they should give our drivers as much notice as possible. A fee may be charged depending on how late the cleaner was.

Delivery is included in the price.

No, VAT is added to the bill at the end.